Nightnurse Images — Only three years after its founding, Nightnurse Images has established itself as a leading architecture visualisation company. They asked Etter Studio to develop their new company identity.
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Final logo visualization.
Logo animation.
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Nightnurse Images is a Zurich based company, render architectural blue prints into beautiful atmospheric visualisations of how the buildings will look once built.

The high quality of their work ensured the rapid success and growth of the business and accordingly they commissioned Etter Studio to develop a new, more distinguished identity for them.

While working on this we realized that the visualisations Nightnurse Images create are extremely diverse in look and feel – their clients are different architecture studios with different tastes. The expertise of Nightnurse Images is to capture this diversity in each visualisation.

For us though, this meant creating their identity was a bit of a struggle. On one hand we needed a clear logo mark that distinguishes itself from others specifically since the visual language of the rendered photos is variable. On the other hand it had to be subtle enough not to interfere with the mood of each Nightnurse Images' creation.

Therefore we decided to create a clearly defined logo type, rough edges and a unique shape. At the same time we limited the colour use to gray tones in order to respect the mood of each architecture visualisation.

Additionally, as their work revolves around transforming 2D drawings into 3D, we extended the three-dimensional feel into the logo type. And so it came about.

Nightnurse Scribble
Identity Development
Nightnurse Images, Zurich
August 2012
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