Mr Nom Nom — A small WebVR game about a tasty donut, his fashionable red scarf, and his hungry friends.
Mr Nom Nom can be experienced here:
In November 2016, Google was working on implementing native WebVR support into Chrome 57, enabling VR developers to reach users across different headsets with a single web app. We were invited to access an early version to play with.
Mr Nom Nom prototype
An earlier version of Mr Nom Nom included low-poly characters with procedurally generated walk animation.
We wanted to build something simple, for everyone to have fun with and therefore liked the idea to build a silly game, that works across as many platforms as possible, from Cardboard to the latest high-end device. First we developed our own physics simulation, which procedurally animates multiple characters in three.js without munching up too much performance.
We limited ourself to basic geometric shapes in the character design, which allowed us to create a simple XML-based character editor. This way we are able to quickly build a variety of characters and without having to worry about animating them – our simulation takes care of all their movements procedurally.
Mr Nom Nom prototype
On of the characters, called "Giraffe", built out of seven geometric solids. All movements are code generated, so are the legs.
Continuing to prioritise accessibility we created a game mechanic that works without additional controllers other than the player's head. Players direct Mr Nom Nom to circle the other characters to trap them with the red scarf. Get close but not too close or risk losing. A mix between Snake and Pac Man – embodied by a donut with a red scarf – perfect game mechanic stuff.
To further lower the hardware requirements we built a system that measures the user's device framerate on the fly and switches visual details on or off depending on the current performance of the device. Hence we could ensure that the experience was fluid, even on low specification devices.
Mr Nom Nom prototype
An earlier version of Mr Nom Nom. Including a lovely 3D landscape which was sacrificed later on for the sake of gameplay.
On April 12 2017 the game Mr Nom Nom was released alongside other WebVR experiments by some other fantastic people as part of Google's WebVR Experiments platform. The code is open source and available here under the MIT license.
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character sketches
Concept, Direction, Development
Google, New York
Adrian Stutz
Eugene Krivoruchko
Ilmari Heikkinen
Ilja Burzev
Sascha Haus
Alexander Chen
Suzanne Chambers
Ryan Burke
Jonas Jongejan
April 2017
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