IBM PointStream — The multinational technology corporation IBM provides the scoring for all Grand Slam tennis tournaments. In collaboration we have developed a real-time data analysing and visualising tool.
First visualization study.
Live Feed
The final data visualization in full-screen mode.
The PointStream in action.
For each of the four big tournaments IBM sends a control unit armed with light guns, miles of cables, screens, servers and displays in order to get the live data for statistics and scores from each match. Their agency, Ogilvy asked Unit9 to design a tool to visualize this data in a new way, just three weeks away from the US Open opening match, and so the challenge commenced.

Firstly we developed a visual language representing all events we could get from IBM’s data feed, such as how a point is conceived (Winner, Netpoint, Forced Error), serve speed, or how many times the ball would be exchanged (Rally) between the players. Having this logic we have coded a flash application which polls an updated XML file from the IBM server every few seconds. Each new point lines up, resulting in a circle.

IBM, on their side developed an algorithm which constantly analyses the measured data. This interpretation feeds into a Momentum Meter defining which of the two players has more momentum on their side.

A review of this project can be read on Wired Magazine.

Interactive Direction, Logic, Design
IBM, New York
US Open 2010, New York
OgilvyOne Worldwide, New York
Unit9, London
August 2012
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